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About Us About Us

Since the day Genfaith was founded in IT distribution business, Genfaith know clearly who we are and how to be the one we dream to:One of the top global distribution partners in IT parts supply chain. And now we are working as an independent distributor with high reputation all over the world.

We source as much information as we can every single day to satisfy all kinds of demands from many countries,assure the products in good quality at a reasonable price,deliver the order in the fastest way,provide all after-sales service which is necessary, just to make sure all the participants can benefit from the deal,and can upgrade the brand value for the long run.


We are grateful for all the support and trust from our suppliers and clients for the last decade, Genfaith come to this position at this moment. And we will never satisfy with the achievements we have got, and we are working harder than ever before, to provide better service to regular clients, and also we look forward a trial cooperation chance with potential partners from everywhere.

All The Products Sold By Genfaith Is 100% Prohibited For Military Purposes.